We are Early Coffe Games. We create games. Usually after coffee.


The company has been founded by Tristan Thévenoz and Jonathan Giezendanner in 2020 in Switzerland.

Sharped Stone Studios

Before creating Early Coffee Games, Tristan and Jonathan had been working together on different non-comercial projects since 2014, with the game creation collective Sharped Stone Studios. In 2020, winning the Pro-Helvetia pre-production grant gave them the insentive to create Early Coffee Games, meant as a commercial studio.


Awards & Recognition

  • "Pro-Helvetia Pre-Production Grant" Pre-production grant for the game "Hermit - an underwater tale" awareded by Pro-Helvetia in 2020

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Tristan Thévenoz
Artist, Game Designer, Early Coffee Games
Jonathan Giezendanner
Developer, Game Designer, Early Coffee Games
Pierrique Oggier
Musician, Freelancer
Jonathan Fellay
Writer, Freelancer
Gwen Buord
Sound designer, Freelancer